Centralized Database Management

 A centralized system, is only one place a user has to go to find his name, primary address, and activities within the association. There are several benefits to moving your data to a centralized system.

  •   Benefit 1: Data Integrity —

 A centralized database means that each member has one primary record, with primary contact information. Thus when there is a change required (like a new phone number or email address), there is only one place to look to make these changes.

  •   Benefit 2: Valuable broad marketing info/history —

With multiple databases, records need to be matched, de-duping needs to occur, and the opportunity for duplicate records is greatly increased.

  •   Benefit 3: Ease of training —

To get learning curve for users is greatly reduced. If all processes (membership, meetings, products, etc.) are in the same database, then users need only learn one system, not multiple systems.

  •   Benefit 4: Support —

With a centralized system, support is focused on one product. With many databases, even if they are built on the same platform, separate support is required for each system.


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