Shinja specializes in developing Management Information Systems (MIS) which focuses on the management of information systems to provide efficiency and effectiveness of strategic decision making. Each MIS developed is aligned to the needs of the customer and is based on generating outputs analyses huge volume of data in the shortest possible time.

In the experience of Shinja, database management consists of all of the administration tasks related to maintaining a database system. This includes monitoring the databases and their host systems for uptime and other key statistics, scheduling and validating database backups, and tweaking and tuning the database engines for better performance.

Database systems research includes the organization and storage of data, information retrieval, and data management.

Database Management Systems research on different area includes database systems:

  • Spatiotemporal and image databases,
  •  Information retrieval,
  • Content-based information retrieval,
  • Data management issues on the web and social networks,
  • Querying and indexing on data types,
  •  Knowledge discovery in databases,
  •  Data mining, spatial data mining, web mining,
  •  Database aspects of multimedia.

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