Application Re- Engineering

Application Re- Engineering

We want our clients to focus on running their businesses and getting a return on investment rather than managing technology. We are committed to helping businesses address their needs and achieve project success. We also make sure that we meet scalability requirements while keeping all the business rules and practices, used in the outdated system, unchanged. We provide software engineering services for clients that need to upgrade their legacy software systems and/ or maintain the existing systems but enhance them significantly. Technology consultants ensure sustainable growth of businesses and help companies gain a competitive edge in their industries.

All these ensure a smooth transition process.


  •   Re-architecting
  •   Migration to new software delivery model (such as Software as Service (SaaS), Platform as Service (Paas), and Delivery over cloud)
  •   Technology and user interface upgrade
  •   Porting and data migration
  •   Legacy systems and application re-engineering
  •   Enterprise application integration
  •   Code re-structuring
  •   Re-documentation
  •   Platform transitions
  •   Language conversion


  •   Procedures catered by the re-engineered application
  •   Future business goals post migration
  •   Business problems with the current mode of operation
  •   Stakeholders’ opinion about the advantages from the effort


How we want to proceed and start with the implementation

  •   Assessment of the product to be migrated
  •   Knowledge transfer
  •   Research on the platform and technology to be supported and technology selection
  •   Research of data domain and creation of detailed specifications for the project
  •   System planning (selection of architecture, creation of interaction protocols, and technical specifications for separate modules)
  •   System implementation (system specifications, construction, and QA)
  •   Creation of project documentation (system architecture description and source code description – in addition to built-in comments in code)
  •   New system optimization and tuning
  •   The initial step is to complete the pre-migration assessment. Then, the team works on the specification with a broad software development approach and methodology to deliver the product.

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