Shinja Pvt. Ltd. is committed towards building the future of people associated with him and worked belligerent to ensure that people may feel proud and take possession while working here.

We resolved to make you feel more energetic about your career. Shinja want your career be a lifelong learning experience. We are driven by a strong culture that is built on the strong foundation of our Values. We provide you with the information, skills, resources and opportunities that you need to create a successful career that you are passionate about.

Shinja Pvt. Ltd. offers opportunities in Database Management, Marketer, Graphic Designer and in many sectors. We always look for enthusiastic and liberal colleagues who make our aspiration.

No matter whether you are a student, or an experienced, we are going to be great for all of you. Shinja Pvt. Ltd. Careers gives a platform to let you know and understand what opportunities are open and accessible to enhance your skills and experience.

Go ahead and apply for job and traverse your exciting career at Shinja.

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    Education : Graduation
    Key Skill : Marketing & good presentation skills
    Location : Anywhere in India
    Salary : Has no bar for Eligible Candidates
    Date : 02-Feb, 2019 - 30-Mar, 2019

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Shinja Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to develop and globalize the concept of Indian IT team.

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